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Neman Glassworks Inc

[Belarus]Windlight and Candleholders

Windlights and Candleholders made from glass by Neman Glassworks.[...]


[Belarus]Beer glasses and mugs

Beer glasses and mugs by Neman Glassworks. Transparent glass, capacity: 0.3-0.7 Liters[...]


[Belarus]Interior artworks and gifts

Interior decoration artworks and gifts made from 24% Lead crystal and glass by Neman Glassworks.[...]


[Belarus]Kitchenware, tableware, stemware

Glasses, tumblers, goblets, flutes, plates, jars, pots, decanters and more handmade products to suit your kitchenware and tableware needs by Neman Glassworks. 24% Lead Crystal and color to transparent glass.[...]



Crystal and color glass vases by Neman Glassworks.[...]